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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Sputnik brought up the rear for much of the hike, while Racer and Clover stayed on leash at my sides. During our second and final ascent to the red rocks formation, Dylan and Sputnik took the lead, and led the rest of the way down. Dylan made friends with a couple other dogs who were splashing around in Farmers Ditch. Sputnik, Racer, and Clover took a dip a short distance away from the other dogs. Clover and Dylan both lay down in the water for a good soak, while Racer and Sputnik just waded. We saw Sputnik's mom jogging through Eben G. Fine Park after we came down from the mountain and were walking along the Boulder Creek Path. The dogs were all happy to greet her. Sputnik was very happy to see his mom, and really perked up for the remainder of the walk.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Ruffers, and Lou enjoyed a casual stroll around Wonderland Lake. The temperate weather and reasonably good air quality made for an especially pleasant afternoon. A woman driving by stopped her car just to admire the dogs and let me know, "That's a beautiful sight!" As we approached the end of our walk, a neighbor stopped me to address some HOA drama that has recently come up in our neighborhood. The dogs all chilled out and lay down for the conversation, until a nearby rabbit caught everyone's attention, and I wrapped things up.


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