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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl was very happy to greet another little guy who looked just like him, but with greyer fur. Sputnik also went over and sniffed hello. The pup then came over and greeted Dylan and Zoey as well, and some leash de-tangling soon followed. At the end of our hike, the pack enjoyed lying in the grass at the Chautauqua Park for a bit. Carl found a stick to chew on while Zoey sniffed around by him. Sputnik lay down on his side and relaxed. Dylan rolled around on his back next to Sputnik. His kicking legs soon irritated Sputnik enough for Sputnik to lie upright and lean away from his flailing friend.

Variety Pack

This afternoon, Dylan stayed upright while Carl and Mamacita both rolled around in the grass at the field where Zoey and Ruffers know we always stop, and therefore always pull toward as we approach. Lou climbed into my lap as I knelt down to take photos of the pack and give Dylan scritches while he stood next to me. Everyone did a great job of staying together and in position as we walked the Bear Creek Greenway.


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