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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was pretty busy again. We saw a lot of people, several dogs, and even another deer who again crossed the trail just a short distance ahead of us. The pack didn't seem to notice when the deer first crossed, but Avo saw it in the gully beside the trail just afterward, and couldn't contain herself. Thankfully, Lizzo followed the lead of Dylan and Sputnik instead of Avo, and she stayed calm while Avo worked through her feelings. The remainder of the hike was pretty quiet, but Lizzo had kind of a hard time walking on pace and in a straight line.

Variety Pack

Avo and Lizzo had a big day out today with both packs. Lizzo's walking rhythm improved over the first outing. Avo didn't see any deer to trigger a meltdown; she just enjoyed rolling around in the grass at a couple points along the way. Carl chewed on some twigs while Avo rolled; Lou watched me like a hawk, trying to figure out the best moment to make her move and crawl into my lap; Ruffers, Zoey, and Lizzo all just chilled out and enjoyed the pleasant autumn afternoon.


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