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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A small herd of deer crossed just behind us, on our way up the Chautauqua Trail this morning. Dylan watched them with interest, while Sputnik just hung out and waited to move along. Three deer went by in total. The rest of the hike was less eventful. We saw a fair number of dogs and humans on our trip up the Mesa Trail. On the return leg, a friendly woman was very eager to give some pets to the dogs. Dylan went up first, and then Sputnik pushed his way in to get some love as well.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Zoey, Carl, and Lou walked down the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Ruffers and Carl fervently chased their noses around Central Park, as we made our way through that area. Zoey and Lou were less scent-driven than their packmates, but enjoyed poking around here and there as well.


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