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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was just me and Dylan for the hike this morning. Dylan greeted a very eager and friendly Bernese Mountain Dog on our way out along the Mesa Trail. There were a couple points along the way when Dylan got a burst of energy and ran. I was surprised that he didn't roll around in the freshly-fallen snow at any point during the hike. We encountered the Berner again on our way back down to Bluebell Road. Dylan was less interested in exchanging pleasantries on that pass, and just walked by as the other dog tried to drag his person over to see Dylan.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Carl had a fun play session at the house before our walk this afternoon. Meanwhile, Lou and Zoey chewed on bones and got snuggles. We walked the Goose Creek Greenway to the Boulder Creek Path on the east side of town. The pack stopped to watch a train go by on an overpass. Zoey and Carl sat at attention as it rolled along in front of us, while Ruffers and Lou were less focused on the event.


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