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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We came by a dog at Shanahan Ridge this morning who looked like a slightly smaller version of Roger Roger. Dylan was very happy to run over and say hello, while Sputnik stayed at my side on the leash. We hung out for a minute while Dylan and the Roger Roger lookalike hopped around with each other a bit. When it was time to part, Dylan looked at me with pleading eyes and whined. He eventually gave in and came running to catch up with me and Sputnik.

Variety Pack

Carl, Rey, and Ruffers were all tuned into some scent along the Goose Creek Greenway. There was one stretch where they kept putting their noses to the ground and trying to drag the pack off the path. Zoey and Lou were not concerned with whatever their packmates were smelling. Still, it must have been something pretty interesting, judging by the reaction of those three. My human senses were too dull to detect the source of intrigue.

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