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Friday Pack Activities (7/14/2023)

Adventure Pack

With the more temperate weather and a bit of cloud cover, it was pretty comfortable for hiking today, so we hit the trails instead of walking the creek. Yoshi went wild leaping and spinning in Silver Lake Ditch when we were heading up the mountain. Lou, Dylan and Griff all took a dip, but were nowhere near as exuberant as their young packmate, who enjoyed splashing around more than any other dog I've ever seen. The pure, unbridled joy emanating from him was a sight to behold. Lou was hanging out in the splash zone and didn't seem too bothered by the chaotic flailing happening beside her. There were a lot of dogs on leash on the trails today. I kept calling Griff and Dylan back to wait beside the trail as they passed and they both listened very well.

Variety Pack

The Valmont Dog Park was pretty lively this afternoon. Zoey and Yoshi enjoyed digging at the water in the kiddie pool while their packmates just waded in and out. Sanni found a blue plastic ball that was even bigger than the red ball she played with before. She had just as much fun pushing it around and pouncing on it. Zoey briefly joined in with her. Everyone besides Carl roamed the park with their own agendas for a lot of the time. Carl always stayed at heel and was forever badgering me to throw tennis balls for him. The others joined in to chase after the balls from time to time, often all together as a big group.


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