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Friday Pack Activities (7/21/2023)

Adventure Pack

Nelly waited patiently on the stepping stones that lead down into Boulder Creek while Dylan, Lou and Yoshi waded around for a couple minutes at the start of today's hike. On our way up the mountain, Dylan kept lingering in the shade until the pack reach the next shady point. He would then catch up and we would all hang out there a bit until heading to the next shady spot, with Dylan eventually catching up again. Yoshi is still learning to contain himself when other dogs pass by. He does okay if we are stopped, but he can't help but try to pull over to the other dog if we are on the move. Nelly, Yoshi, and Lou all took water from the Camelbak. I squirted some over Nelly's head to cool her off a bit since she doesn't get into the water. She didn't seem to appreciate the gesture, but hopefully it kept her a little cooler nonetheless.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Carl shared a stick beside the creek during our water break today. Lumi was last to venture into the water after hesitating on the creek bank for a minute, but once he was in he really got in, and stayed in the water the longest of everyone. He, Yoshi and Archie had all enjoyed a wrestling session before we headed out from the house, but they maintained their manners with each other when we were walking. Griff was exceptionally well behaved throughout the walk, as he reliably is. He waded around in the water a bit and then just hung out beside me while his packmates continued to splash and poke around at the water's edge. Carl pulled much less than usual today, perhaps due to the new harness I tried on him. Archie pulled quite a bit for the first half of the walk but settled down significantly for the return leg. Yoshi was trying to get ahead of the pack throughout, providing a bit of a challenge - especially during the first half of the walk when Archie was pulling right beside him. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and the pack enjoyed it.

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