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Friday Pack Activities (7/7/2023)

Adventure Pack

Yoshi and Dylan got right into Boulder Creek to start the outing while Lou briefly stood in the shallowest spot and Nelly kept entirely to dry land. Nelly has learned quickly, and now perks her ears up and looks at me expectantly whenever I stop and ask the pack, "Who's thirsty?" She was a happy taker each time I offered besides the last. I guess she had her fill and wasn't feeling too hot anymore, as we strolled along the Boulder Creek Path for the last bit of our trip. A friendly hiker offered to take a photo of me with the dogs when we were heading up the Anemone Trail, and she did a great job capturing the pack! Dylan started to lag behind as we approached our turn-around point, and he took a shortcut between switchbacks to catch up. Yoshi got excited about other dogs we saw along the way, but he didn't get too wild.

Variety Pack

Lumi and Yoshi had a lot of fun wrestling and chewing on each other at the house during my lunch break before the walk. Sanni and Ruffers both wanted to insert themselves into the situation but I had them back off since they were approaching in a pushy manner and throwing off the vibe. After that, the pack strolled around Wonderland Lake in perfect afternoon walking weather. Jen joined again today to help walk an extra-full pack which included Sanni, Lumi, Yoshi, Racer, Lou, Carl, Ruffers and Zoey. Jen commented on Lou's perfect on-leash etiquette several times during the walk. A few kids asked to say hello to the dogs at the Wonderland Lake Trailhead by Broadway. Carl and Sanni were a bit standoffish and kept aside while the others flocked around to get pets.


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