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Friday Pack Activities (8/18/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack was again thankful to have cloudy skies on what was a hot and fairly humid day. Nelly was wise to keep back from Silver Lake Ditch when we first arrived there for a water stop. Lou and Dylan got splashed as they stood to either side of Yoshi and Yoshi leapt and spun around in the water. Once Yoshi's antics were out of his system and he was out of the water, along with Lou and Dylan, Nelly felt comfortable approaching for a drink. I had a couple wildlife sightings today that the pack didn't notice. One was a lizard working its way around the rocks behind the pack where we took today's photo; and other was a baby garter snake that quickly wriggled across the pavement of Boulder Creek Path as we approached.

Variety Pack

The pack took an easy pace along Boulder Creek Path this afternoon as I started to feel I was coming down with something. Despite being pretty avid wrestlers back at the house, Yoshi and Lumi respected the walk and didn't stir up trouble with each other. Carl and Zoey made some of their usual stops in Eben G. Fine Park, but skipped several as well. The pack were offered pets by a couple different people as we made our way back through Eben G. Fine at the end of the walk. Everyone but Carl happily accepted the attention; and even Carl calmed down and let one of the people give him a little head scratch.

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