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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan rolled around in a grassy area, on our way up the northern side of the Bluebell-Baird Trail. Avo lay down by him and then went for a roll herself once he was done. I kept Avo on leash as we passed through the area where she keeps recovering that deer leg. Sputnik and Dylan didn't go looking for it. At the end of our hike, the pack got some love from the OSMP volunteers at the trail head, who have come to recognize them.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Zoey, Carl, Avo, Lou, and Rey headed to the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon, with gray clouds looming. There were some distant lightning strikes when we first headed out. I noted the time between lightning and thunder, and when the storm started closing in we turned and headed back to the car. There were a couple close strikes as we hurried back, which freaked Mamacita out especially. The smell of ozone was thick in the air as we approached the car. The dogs all hopped right in without hesitation, and we waited for the storm to pass, which it did pretty quickly. We then headed back out to resume the pack walk. Mamacita was hesitant to go out again, but relaxed after a little while when there was no more thunder.


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