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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After ignoring the deer legs his packmates have been finding the past few weeks, Sputnik had his turn at it. He was lingering behind the rest of the pack a bit as we headed up the Saddle Rock Trail. When I back-tracked to round him up, he was just making his way back onto the trail with a bare leg bone in his mouth. He dropped it as soon as I said to, but was very unsure about leaving it behind. Eventually, I convinced him to come along. Dylan also took a little convincing to move along and not try to snatch up Sputnik's find for himself. Riley was curious but easy to manage on leash, and Milo didn't make any moves for the leg bone. I wonder when the local fauna will finally clear away the remnants that the pack keeps finding.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Lou, Carl, Rey, Sanni, and Zoey all waded into Boulder Creek for a short mid-walk dip. None of them spent long in the water before returning to dry land to sniff along the Creek's bank. Carl, Rey, and Sanni were all a bit stubborn at the beginning of the walk - each with their own idea about where we should be heading and how fast - but they eventually settled into pace with the rest of us.

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