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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Sputnik lingered in the stream at Gregory Canyon to get a drink, while Griff and Dylan were in and out pretty quickly before they continued up the trail. No carrion discoveries by the pack today. Some hikers wanted to say hello to the pack but Dylan, Griff, and Racer just walked by. Sputnik lingered for a moment to get a pat on the head before the hikers continued on their way. Griff wandered off down the wrong trail as we were approaching the Chautauqua trail head on our way back, and I didn't realize until he had gone pretty far. He apparently didn't realize either, but then looked around and came running through the field to rejoin us when I called him.

Variety Pack

The afternoon felt a bit cooler, with gray skies threatening a storm the whole time we were walking. It only just started sprinkling on us for the last minutes of our walk at the Goose Creek Greenway. Ruffers and Zoey walked with Jen, who was lending a hand again today, while Lou, Sanni, Milo, Carl, and Rey were with me. Ruffers and Zoey both honed in on some particular spots to sniff along the way. Lou found her own spots, and Sanni was always quick to join her in checking them out. Carl was torn between being curious about what Zoey and Ruffers' finds, and Lou and Sanni's finds. Rey and Milo weren't as scent-driven as their peers today, and usually just hung out on the path while the others did their thing.


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