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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan made the most of the stream at Gregory Canyon again today, by laying in it and getting a good soak. Griff, Racer, and Sputnik only got their paws and tongues wet. It was pretty hot in the sun, but comfortable in the shade. The stretch of the Gregory Canyon Trail that we hiked was pretty well shaded, so that was nice.

Variety Pack

The goslings who hang out by the Kids' Fishing Pond are growing up, and have their adult colors now. The parents are still very protective of their offspring, and one advanced toward us, hissing with its head down, as Zoey, Carl, Ruffers, and Lou walked by with me. Everyone wanted to make a lot of stops to sniff and leave their marks today. We encountered a friendly six-month-old Australian Shepherd whose guardian apparently also has a cat, whose name is Zoe. Everyone was happy to sniff their greetings for a couple minutes, in the shade of a tree at Eben G. Fine Park.

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