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Friday Pack Activities (9/1/2023)

Adventure Pack

It was another hot one today! Dylan, Yoshi and Sanni were all quick to hop into Silver Lake Ditch on our way up the mountain at The Peoples' Crossing. Lou waited on dry land for a minute before eventually climbing down into the water with care. We hung out in a shady spot a little bit further up the trail and then made our way back down the mountain to walk along Boulder Creek Path. Yoshi and Sanni required a bit of wrangling as they kept pulling ahead or off the side of the path, respectively. Seasoned pack walkers that they are, Dylan and Lou were wonderful.

Variety Pack

Ruffers hung out on the stone steps at Eben G. Fine Park while Lumi, Yoshi, Zoey, Racer and Carl all got into Boulder Creek to start the walk wet. Lumi and Yoshi had their usual wrestling/face chewing session before we headed out for the walk. Yoshi still pulled on the leash a bit, like on his earlier outing. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack was doing a pretty good job sticking together in formation. Zoey was drawn to a new tree at the park and the pack all enjoyed a good, thorough sniff around it, complete with scent marks left by Yoshi, Carl, Zoey and Ruffers. Lumi and Racer skipped that step, but marked a couple other spots along the way.


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