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Friday Pack Activities (9/30/2022)

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was on alert from the beginning of our walk, as Martin Park was bustling with squirrels. Carl and Griff were also interested in the squirrels, but not quite as tense as Ruffers. We headed east from the parking lot, as usual. As we reached the edge of the park, everybody started sniffing at the air. Dylan was the first to woof, followed by Griff, Ruffers and Carl. Zoey and Lou didn't bark, but were a little agitated, and everyone seemed to direct their concern toward a small hill ahead and to the left of the path, where there is thick brush. Not wanting to invite trouble, I had the pack turn around and head back the other way. We walked around Martin Park and through the adjacent neighborhood. Thunder started rolling in at the end of our walk, which made Ruffers very eager to return to the car.


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