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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The stream I've been misidentifying as Farmers Ditch - but is actually Silver Lake Ditch, as I just today realized when I noticed the sign posted next to it - was dried up. Dylan and Mrs. Miggins tried to make the best of it, still, by lying in the cool, damp stream bed. At least it wasn't that hot of a day. Roger Roger and Sputnik accepted the lack of a stream, and hung out on the bank while Dylan and Mrs. Miggins used their imaginations.

Variety Pack

There were a bunch of bicycles parked around the tree in Eben G. Fine Park where Zoey always makes her first stop, so we had to skip it today. The pack gave the next tree a thorough sniff to make up for the omission. After that, we didn't make many more stops. Zoey, Carl, Rey, Lou, and Ruffers happily trotted along, mostly sticking to the shaded footpath near the creek. It started sprinkling on us on our way back to the packmobile. I didn't hear any thunder, but Ruffers looked a little nervous. I wonder whether she detected rumbles I couldn't hear, or if she was just anticipating them due to the precipitation.

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