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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Blu and Gidget enjoyed joining Sputnik and Dylan for our outing to Boulder Creek this morning. Central Park was fenced off for some event that must be taking place this weekend, but we were still able to follow the path around it. Dylan hopped gingerly over the metal grates when we crossed big bridge. Blu wanted to chase after a lone goose who was hanging out at the Kids' Fishing Pond - presumably the same one that has been catching Racer's attention lately.

Variety Pack

Lou, Ruffers, Zoey, Carl and Rey headed to the Bear Creek Greenway with cloudy skies overhead. I heard a roll of thunder in the distance on the way there, but it didn't continue. I was afraid Ruffers would be nervous and just want to get back to the packmobile, but she didn't seem bothered as we walked. We stopped at the field with the mile-marker boulder today. Zoey, Carl and Ruffers all gave the boulders a thorough sniff. Rey and Lou poked around in the grass a bit, and then Lou lay down. We made several other stops along the way today, too.

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