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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan enjoyed a solo stroll along the Boulder Creek Path this morning. We went slowly through Eben G. Fine Park, as he had some sniffing to do. A little past the park, we settled into a steady pace and went a lot further down the path than the pack usually gets. He was happy to get in the water a couple times along the way.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, Lou, Carl and Ruffers headed to the Bear Creek Greenway for this afternoon's pack walk. There were a few trains of bicyclists out on the path, including a parent followed by 1-3 children. One mom said her kids wanted to know if all the dogs were mine. It is a question I get asked pretty regularly. I let her know they're not my own, as they whisked by with friendly smiles. I looked down at the pack to see another bunch of friendly smiles. The pack hung out in the shade by the basketball courts after everyone spent a while sniffing around the base of the tree providing the shade.


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