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Friday Pack Activities

Variety Pack

Dylan, Zoey, Rey, Lou, Avo and Carl headed to the Bear Creek Greenway under cloudy skies on a surprisingly cool day. Avo started whining and barking as soon as the packmobile came to a stop in the parking lot at Valmont City Park, which was foreshadowing for what was to come. Everyone was readily distracted by sounds and smells as we went, and kept pulling ahead or off to the side to try and check things out. Avo had been dropping into playbows with Rey and Zoey here and there through the walk. The dogs gradually settled down a bit as we went. On the return leg, we pulled off into a field to take the pack photo. It took some wrangling, but eventually everyone sat in place together - for a moment. Avo and Rey caught each other's eyes and then bolted, chasing each other through the field for a a couple minutes while Zoey, Carl and Lou all watched and jumped around in place. Dylan was the only one who kept his cool. When Rey and Avo finally came back, Lou tried to tackle Avo. They got growly with each other and I had to separate them while also scrambling to get a hold of Rey and Avo's leashes. Once that situation was handled, the rest of the walk was pretty quiet.


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