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Monday Pack Activities (10/2/2023)

Adventure Pack

Dylan initiated most of our sniff stops along Baseline Trail, with Bear and Griff following right on his heels to check things out. Ruffers usually just hung out and waited for the boys to do their sniffing, but occasionally joined them to check things out for herself if they were taking long enough. Bear and Griff both usually like to scout ahead, but they stayed quite close throughout their off-leash time together today. Ruffers and Dylan brought up the rear on the return leg of the hike and received kind greetings from hikers passing them on the way up.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Alfie, Carl, Zoey and Lou headed to Bear Creek Greenway on a cloudy, breezy afternoon. We stopped to say hello to a friendly old gentleman with a Tibetan Terrier. The pack was very welcoming of their new Terrier friend and his human alike. Alfie and Lou especially took a liking to the man. Alfie stood with head leaning against his hip while we talked for a couple minutes; Lou sat directly in front of him and looked up with her loving, expectant eyes, just dying to be pet more. Everybody sniffed their greetings and got some love. Lumi started getting restless and expressed this by jumping on Alfie. It took a moment to get the two of them to settle down, and then we got back to walking. A skateboarder and a couple scooter-riders got Alfie a little worked up, but he at least mostly stayed in place at my side when he jumped and woofed at them.


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