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Monday Pack Activities (10/30/2023)

Adventure Pack

After being hit last Monday with a rough bout of what turned out to be COVID, followed by a sinus infection, it was good to finally be back with the packs again! The main Chautauqua Trail was too icy to traverse without spikes, so we stuck to the meadow paths and Bluebell Road. Dylan and Bear were loving the snow, and each did their best to show off their goofy sides as they wallowed around in it. Ruffers and Taco remained upright and enjoyed the show with me. Taco munched on some packed snow from the trail as we went.

Variety Pack

Monkey joined the pack for her first real pack walk today. She had been on some shorter stretches last month but was able to come along for the entire walk this time. She started off walking beside experienced pack member, Zoey, but then settled into place alongside Alfie for the rest of the time. She did a relatively good job of walking with the pack; she got ahead pretty often but she wasn't distracted too badly by things in the environment and she didn't harass her packmates. Alfie and Carl pulled over to make yellow snow at many points along Bear Creek Path at the beginning of our walk. The dogs then did a great job sticking together and walking on pace for a while. Alfie didn't want to stay in place and look toward me when it was time for pack photos, but he lay down politely as soon as I pulled some treats out of the treat pouch. Everyone else's attentions were suddenly much easier to keep, as well. There was a bit of upturned soil with some plowed snow along the edge of the path at Martin Park, which Lou and Zoey were both drawn to. Carl and Taco also followed up to mark the area.


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