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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Imogene couldn't get enough sticks to chew on as we hiked the Mesa Trail today. Avo found one good one and flaunted it. She ran by the pack and then into the adjacent field, where she dropped the stick and then rolled around on it for a while. Ruffers and Dylan didn't care much about the sticks their packmates found. They were content with sniffing along the trail and leaving their marks at a few points of interest.

Variety Pack

Milo, Racer, Lou, Rey, Carl and Zoey walked the Goose Creek Greenway in Valmont this afternoon while the Sunshine Wildland Fire burned in the nearby mountains. The air was clear and didn't smell much of smoke where we were. I don't know whether Lou detected the smoke in the air or if she was just uneasy about the gusty winds, but I noticed her shaking a bit. The rest of the pack seemed comfortable going about their business as usual.


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