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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Bear and Avo ran ahead to get to the boulders beside the Bluebell-Baird Trail where people used to stack rocks. They both wanted to drink from a puddle formed in a cavity of one boulder, but accepted water from the Camelbak when that ran low. Bear has been a little hesitant about drinking from the Camelbak spout, but he took to it pretty well today. Ruffers and Dylan worked hard on our way up the mountain and then enjoyed a more leisurely ramble back. Dylan, Avo and Bear all nibbled on the fresh sprigs of grass along the Bluebell Mesa Trail. Ruffers didn't seem interested in partaking. I asked if they were enjoying the salad bar, but none of the dogs laughed.

Variety Pack

Lou got to sniff hello with a couple friendly dogs we saw on our way around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. She also stopped to try to say hello to others, but some kept walking by. The cloud cover made for a very comfortable walk, with the air feeling pleasantly warm. Lou also nibbled on some of the fresh grass today. The photo I snapped of her suggests that she appreciated my humor more than the Adventure Pack this morning.

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