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Monday Pack Activities (12/18/2023)

Adventure Pack

Alfie, Bear, Ruffers and Dylan all stopped to sniff several spots together. It typically started with Alfie and Dylan pulling over, and then Bear and Ruffers were quick to join them. They all sniffed these spots with intense interest, and I did some leash shuffling to keep everyone untangled. Thankfully, Alfie wasn't so careless about the positions of his packmates when he left scent marks, and nobody got tagged. Bear only did a very brief skid on his shoulder over the packed snow on during our ascent; Dylan flopped down for a full-on roll in the snow a little later.

Variety Pack

Alfie lunged at a rabbit we saw at the beginning of our walk to and around Wonderland Lake this afternoon; Carl stayed by my side. Later on in the walk, by the pond, we saw a big herd of deer grazing on the mountainside. Carl and Alfie were both interested in the deer and watched them curiously, but neither made any attempts to pursue despite how close some were to the trail. The deer stared back, and likewise made no reactive moves.


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