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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Baseline Trail has been full of smells that the pack has found interesting, this season. First, it was Riley and Sputnik doing the sniffing. After that, Ruffers took the lead, and the others hurried over to each spot she was drawn to, to smell what she found. Once we headed up the mountain, the sniffing diminished markedly. It was a nice day for hiking - not too cool, not too hot, with clearer air than we've often had, lately.

Variety Pack

Rey and Zoey were pretty stubborn about wanting to stop and roam around in certain places along the way, as we headed toward Wonderland Lake, this afternoon. When we reached Rey's favorite rest stop, Zoey was the first to pull over toward the shade of the tree for a break. Lou was along for the ride, right by my side, throughout the walk. The only time she pulled was when she wanted to see another dog that walked by as I brought the pack to the side of the trail to let them pass. There were no parasailors out for Rey to watch today.


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