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Monday Pack Activities (2/12/2024)

Adventure Pack

Bear, Rey, Ruffers and Dylan all took their time along the connector trail to Shanahan Ridge. The speckled patches of yellow snow left little mystery as to why everyone kept stopping to sniff. Once deeper onto the trail, Bear and Rey chased each other all around through the snow. Dylan found a few spots to roll and wiggle while Ruffers poked along. An off leash dog who was wandering far ahead of his human came up and sniffed hello with Ruffers and Dylan, who were too curious about the new friend to listen to me calling them over. Meanwhile, Bear and Rey moved off to the side of the trail on leash with me and skipped the greeting.

Variety Pack

Alfie, Carl, Buddy and Lou were all pretty curious about a big mound that must have been a snowman before it melted down to the amorphous blob it currently is. Carl and Alfie left their marks on opposite sides of it. A bit further on in the walk, Lou insisted on making several stops in short succession. Buddy had fun torpedoing across the snowy landscape with his shoulder down and his nose forward. The rest of the pack just sniffed around, and didn't engage in any such antics. Alfie had a slight unevenness to his gait, as his front left wrist is bothering him again.


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