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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Patches of snow that were speckled with yellow drew the pack's curious noses like magnets. We made a lot of stops of that nature, especially throughout the first half of the hike. Later on, Sputnik munched on some fresh snow, while Riley and Ruffers buried their faces in it. Riley paused a couple times to pick packed snow out from between her paw pads, but the dogs otherwise handled the cold without trouble.

Variety Pack

I brought the pack to the Old Kiln Trail in North Boulder, by Foothills Park, thinking that dogs were allowed off leash there. We made our way up the trail, and I realized I was mistaken when all the signage we passed indicated that dogs had to be leashed. Not naturally equipped for the cold weather, Rey and Lou started holding up their paws - even with the benefit of their jackets to help keep them warm - so we turned around and headed back to dry, paved paths. Once on the paved walkway around the park, without snow to get trapped between their pads, the Pitties' paws didn't bother them anymore. Zoey was comfortable the whole time, protected by a thick layer of fluff.


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