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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took our time on the trails, so the pack could sniff around thoroughly. It wasn't only Ruffers who wanted to linger behind, today - Sputnik and Riley also spent a while checking out each point of interest. Sputnik and Riley had poor reactions to a Husky who came by to sniff the pack on our way up the Flatirons Loop. Ruffers at least kept calm while I got everyone to pull over to the side of the trail with me and sit.

Variety Pack

Rey was very excited to see Zoey and Lou after taking last week off. We stopped by the house before the walk, and Rey and Zoey enthusiastically wrestled around with each other. Lou got into the mix here and there, as well. When we hit the trail at Settler's Park, the dogs turned their attentions to sniffing rather than playing. As we continued along, Rey roamed around, Zoey lingered behind, and Lou walked right with me. Rey thoroughly investigated the rock formations on the Red Rock Trail, while Zoey scanned the horizon and Lou tried to crawl into my lap. We walked along Boulder Creek a bit after coming back down from the trail, and we made all of Zoey's favorite stops around Eben G. Fine Park.


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