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Monday Pack Activities (3/11/2024)

Adventure Pack

Bear, Rey, Dylan and Ruffers headed to Enchanted Mesa this morning. The Chautauqua was moderately busy. There was a group of hikers we kept crossing paths with because they kept making rest stops, and the dogs kept wandering off-trail to explore, so we leap-frogged each other several times; they admired the pack each time. There was one stretch of trail where Rey, Bear and Ruffers all suddenly perked up and started sniffing all around while Dylan followed his nose well off the trail. Since Dylan ignored me when I tried calling him back, I brought the rest of the pack over to collect him. Everybody put their noses hard to work in the area where Dylan was drawn, but nobody came up with any loot.

Variety Pack

Yoshi, Lou and Alfie all shared a couple bones between them at the house, even though there were several around. One would hold onto it while another would chew, and rolled around together and gave each other lots of kisses. It was incredibly sweet. Carl did not partake in the love fest, opting instead for the familiar comfort of Jen's lap. The dogs enjoyed a light afternoon hike at CU South Campus. There were a lot of other dogs there today. An elderly yet spry Golden Retriever came over to the pack and eagerly sniffed hello near the end of the outing, even though we had moved well off the trail. I haven't seen much in the news about the canine respiratory illness outbreak lately aside from that cases in Colorado have been declining. I think I will ease up on limiting contact while out on the trails, although we're still going to avoid the dog park for the time being.


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