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Monday Pack Activities (3/18/2024)

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Bear shouldered down into the first snowbank they could at the Chautauqua trail head. Dylan continued to find good snow for rolling while Bear leapt around ahead of the pack. Rey joined Bear off leash and found a stick to play keep-away with. The two of them had tons of fun running around the trails together. When Dylan and Ruffers were off leash together later, Dylan stayed on all fours and led the pack back while Ruffers kept lingering far behind. We would stop to let Ruffers catch up, but as soon as we started moving again she would wander off to pursue some curiosity and then fall far behind again. There were lots of hikers out on the trails today - mostly human, only a couple other dogs we saw - and many of them admired the pack, especially whenever Bear and Dylan were relishing the snow together.

Variety Pack

Carl, Lou and Alfie gave a good, long sniff to the large tree at the edge of the parking lot at Martin Park when we set our for our Bear Creek Greenway walk this afternoon. We ambled along at a slow pace, making frequent stops as the dogs wanted to sniff along the snowbanks that lined the path. Carl was eager to get to the boulders by the basketball courts. He, Lou and Alfie were all quick to leave notes letting everyone know they had been there. Alfie was extremely disinterested in paying attention to me when we stopped for a pack photo; Carl's attention waxed and waned; Lou kept wanting to walk up to me and crawl into my lap instead of waiting in place, as is her custom.


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