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Monday Pack Activities (3/20/2023)

Adventure Pack

Bear has his updated Voice & Sight Tag, and had a fun time roaming the trails off leash with Avo today. He ran after her now and then, but didn't really attempt to keep up with Avo's all-out sprints. They sniffed around together off the path and met some other off-leash dogs. Bear crouched down as a pair of Bernese Mountain Dogs approached, and then he ran up to them to close the distance and sniff hello with Avo close behind him. Later on, we encountered a shy Greyhound who gave us a wide berth while passing by. Bear and Avo couldn't help themselves and ran after the Greyhound for a short stretch before returning to me and their packmates. Ruffers and Dylan were more mellow for their off-leash time, and just moseyed along, staying pretty close by.

Variety Pack

Lou, Rey, Blu and Gidget enjoyed a pleasant stroll around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Lou and Gidget were very happy to see each other, and were very interested in sniffing each other and cuddling before the walk. Meanwhile, Rey and Blu had fun chasing each other around. When we walked around the pond, the weather was nice and the trail was quiet as we made stops now and then for the pack to sniff around.


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