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Monday Pack Activities (3/25/2024)

Adventure Pack

Rey and Bear had a great time in the snow together on the Mesa Trail today. They chased and tackled and entertained me, Ruffers and Dylan with their antics. Ruffers and Dylan spent their off-leash time in a more leisurely manner, not venturing too far off as they moseyed along the trail. Dylan lazily rolled in the snow at one point when he was in the lead, occupying himself while the rest of us caught up to him.

Variety Pack

Carl and Alfie were both tempted by the fresh sprouts of grass coming up from the snow, the harbingers of a spring that has been flirting with warmer temperatures as of late. Racer, for her part, was more interested in munching on the snowy remnants of winter. Griff and Arlo didn't partake in any organic delicacies during our walk. They were rather interested in kicking up the snow and turf after sniffing and marking it. Alfie and Carl also partook in this pastime at various stops along our way.


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