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Monday Pack Activities (3/6/2023)

Adventure Pack

Avo raced around the trail and made a huge, athletic leap from the hillside back onto the trail while Ruffers and I looked on. Dylan was busy sniffing along the other side of the trail and missed his packmate's feat. Soon after, Avo went down off the other side of the trail and discovered some kind of grain feed that had been dumped out on top of a big boulder. She has really had a habit of scavenging random things on our hikes lately, to the point that I think she might have to stay on leash. Avo and Ruffers also munched on some snow from the more shaded areas of our hike. Dylan didn't partake, nor did he roll around in it today. It was pretty packed and icy, so probably not the most enticing for him.

Variety Pack

Rey and Lou had fun playing chase in the yard when we stopped at the house before heading out for the walk. We went to Goose Creek Greenway, where there were some prairie dogs out and about. Lou and Rey both ignored them on the way out, but Rey perked up at the sight of them on the return leg of the walk. We had passed by a big tree with a couple squirrels scrambling around it, and I think that made her more aware of rodent activity in general. Rey lunged for that tree as we approached it. Lou noticed the scrabbling squirrels too, but she didn't react as excitedly as her packmate, and she didn't really pay any mind to the prairie dogs.


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