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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley, Ruffers, and Sputnik braved the elements this morning, with sleet falling as we hiked at the Chautauqua. Ruffers and Sputnik did not seem especially pleased about the weather. This was punctuated by their droopy, soaked fur. Meanwhile, Riley was indifferent about getting wet, and enjoyed chomping on a chunk of ice she grabbed from at patch at one point along the way.

Variety Pack

Rey seemed especially amped today, as if being soaked to the bone caused some short-circuit that turned her play-meter all the way up. She dove onto Zoey at one point, but Zoey didn't give much in return, so Rey just hopped around in the snow on her own. We passed some geese by the Kids' Fishing Pond. Lou and Zoey both casually took notice, while Rey watched them closely until they were behind us.


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