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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers took her time on the trails this afternoon. Sputnik lingered behind between her and Riley, who was on leash with me. Sometimes Sputnik fell back to check out interesting smells with Ruffers; sometimes he came up to walk right at my side, and took drinks from the Camelbak along with Riley. We didn't see other dogs beyond the trail head, until the last stretch of our descent.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Lou, and Rey stopped by the house and played a little before our walk around Wonderland Lake. Carl was very interested in chasing and wrestling with Rey. Rey gave him some attention, but was distracted by Zoey, who also wanted to chase and wrestle with her. Lou was more interested in snuggling than playing. During the walk, I tried to keep Carl at my side with Zoey boxing him in; but Zoey frequently fell behind and allowed Carl to move ahead and to the outside, where he was more easily distracted by robins and other dogs we passed. During the last stretch of our walk, Rey and Lou tensed up a bit when a big Leonberger approached and sniffed hello with Zoey and Carl. The Leonberger then got a brief sniff in with Rey before we moved along.


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