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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley, Ruffers, and Sputnik were all into nibbling the dew-laden grass beside the trails today, especially as we made our way along the Baseline Trail at the beginning of our hike. The wet, dreary weather made for a marked difference in how busy the trails were. Last Friday, it was hard to find parking and there were people everywhere; today, I parked right at the trailhead, with only a few other cars in the lot, and we hardly saw another hiker the entire time. However, we did see a herd of deer. Sputnik and Ruffers were both off leash at the time, but both stayed on the trail as they intently watched the deer shuffle up the mountainside. Riley was on leash with me, and also watched the deer quietly.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, and Rey had some fun playing together at the house before we headed to Martin Park for a walk along the Bear Creek Path. The pack quickly got soaked by the light-but-steady drizzle of cold rain. Zoey still made sure that we made all the usual stops along the way. Carl found a stick at one point, and carried it along for a short while; his packmates did not take up the baton when he was done with it. I spent a little while drying everyone off back at the packmobile, but they had all been so thoroughly soaked that they were all still a bit damp.


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