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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Riley, and Sputnik all chilled out in the stream at Gregory Canyon for a little while before we headed up the mountain. Sputnik found surer footing when we crossed the stream today, while Riley nimbly hopped her way across, beside him, after getting a good soak. At one point, Ruffers was distracted by a pair of dogs who were getting treats off the side of the trail. She completely ignored my calls, hoping to get in on the treat action with her newfound best friends. Eventually, the other hiker very kindly walked Ruffers toward me a little way, and got her moving along again.

Variety Pack

Rey, Carl, Zoey, and Lou all had a blast running up and down the trail at CU South, at the beginning of our walk this afternoon. After the initial round of races, the dogs settled into their individual pursuits. Zoey lingered behind and sniffed around on her own; Lou followed in lock-step behind me, eager to get my attention for pets whenever I stopped to call one of her packmates back over to us; Rey continued to run along the trail and through the tall grass; Carl chased after Rey, just wanting to get in on whatever she was doing.


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