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Monday Pack Activities (4/15/2024)

Adventure Pack

It was hot and sunny as the pack headed up the trail toward Royal Arch and the 3rd Flatiron. Bear and Rey didn't even run around during there time off leash together. They just trotted ahead a bit and did a little exploring a short distance off the trail. They did perk up a bit when a pair of dogs that included a young pup passed by. They eagerly hurried over with bounces in their steps and sniffed hello before we parted ways down different trails. Ruffers and Dylan took their time bringing up the rear on our descent. Dylan had a pretty heavy pant going from the beginning of the hike, but it was Bear who stubbornly lay down on the trail to take a few breaks. Even though Dylan and Ruffers tried dodging the spray of water from the CamelBak, I made sure they got some. Bear and Rey were eager to partake.

Variety Pack

There were a pair of ducks floating around near the bank at the peninsula in Wonderland Lake where the dogs having been stopping to take a dip during our recent warm-weather walks. Lumi and Carl were keenly interested in the waterfowl; Lou and Alfie didn't take any particular notice. There was some foam collecting at the edge of the water, which made me a bit wary of letting the dogs in. Clouds were overhead and we had a nice, cool breeze, so we forewent the water break and continued around the pond. Carl made countless stops to lift his leg. Lou, Alfie and Lumi often followed up with scent marks of their own.


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