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Monday Pack Activities (4/22/2024)

Adventure Pack

Rey and Bear raced up and down the mountainside with each other as we hiked the Chautauqua today. After enjoying that for a bit, their attentions turned to grazing on the fresh grass. Dylan and Ruffers joined them in nibbling at one particular patch along Bluebell-Mesa Trail. Dylan and Ruffers took their time bringing up the rear on the return leg of the hike. There were a few muddy stretches along the way, and they didn't seem too keen on traversing those sections. At one point where there was a switchback, they both took an off-trail shortcut to avoid the patch of mud before them, while Bear, Rey and I slopped through it.

Variety Pack

Lumi, Lou, Carl and Alfie enjoyed strolling around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. There were enough clouds in the sky to mostly keep the sun off of us. Between that and the cool breeze, it was very comfortable walking weather. Various people admired the pack and how well-mannered every was. Even when a pair of other dogs were barking pulling as we went by, the pack remained chill and just kept walking in place at my sides. Once we got past that commotion, the dogs all got treats, pets, and affirmations of their wonderful behavior.


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