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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley, Ruffers, and Sputnik all waded through the Farmer's Ditch on our way up to the Red Rocks at Settler's Park this morning. We took an easier pace up the mountain and only did one loop, rather than the two loops we have usually been doing. After that, we strolled along Boulder Creek. The dogs got in for another soak, and Riley was so eager that she nearly dragged me in with her as we navigated the slope of the bank down to the water.

Variety Pack

Carl and Rey were feeling super playful this afternoon. They chased each other around at the house before we headed to Boulder Creek for our walk. When the dogs got into the creek, the two of them jumped and dodged around with each other at the edge of the water while Mamacita and Lou quietly waded in the shallows, a short distance away. Mamacita had been slow to get moving today. She kept stopping along the way through Eben G. Fine Park, and a few points afterward. Bit she eventually got into the rhythm and continued along without insisting on any more stops.

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