Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a troop of summer camp kids on the Red Rocks when we reached the top of the mountain. After we passed by them, Sputnik slyly doubled back when I wasn't looking. I caught him sniffing amidst a group of three kids eating their lunches. I warned the kids that he wanted to steal their food. One boy directly addressed Sputnik, telling him, "Sorry, I only have vegetables." I pulled Sputnik away just in time to keep him from stealing a sandwich out of another kids' lunch bag. By that point, Ruffers' interest was piqued, and she managed to lick a goldfish cracker that the boy next to her was holding, before I brought her away as well. The boy laughed in response. Riley was on leash with me the whole time, and made no moves to snatch any food. On our way down the mountain, a little girl asked if she could pet the dogs as Sputnik and Ruffers approached her. I told her she could, and the dogs were happy to accept the attention, even though no food was involved. The girl asked all the dogs' names, and then addressed them by name to tell them they were good climbers and that Sputnik was very confident since he was the first one to walk up to her - she didn't even know how confidently he strode into the middle of the other kids' picnic.

Variety Pack

Zoey was back out for pack activities after taking it easy to let her leg heal. She seemed to do fine. She and Carl enjoyed wading around in Boulder Creek. Zoey kept dunking her face into the water, and was excited about the tubers who floated by. Geese have returned to the Evert Pierson Kids' Fishing Pond. One hissed at us as we walked by the flock, with Carl watching them intently. Zoey was surprisingly disinterested in the fowl.