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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Ruffers, and Riley enjoyed a very leisurely stroll down the Boulder Creek Path today. Everyone we passed along the way seemed to be in a more chipper mood than lately. Maybe the improved air quality helped; I know I was breathing deeper than I have in a while, and it felt good. Riley hopped right into the creek when we made a stop there. Sputnik waded into shallow water and lapped some up. Ruffers just stood at the water's edge to get a drink, and opted not to go in for a soak.

Variety Pack

Lou was back in the pack and feeling better after sitting out last Friday due to injuries sustained from a belligerent dog she encountered. Zoey, Carl, and Rey were all happy to see her, and she them. Rey, Carl, and Zoey all got pretty amped up and noisy in their play at the house before our walk, and Lou kept quietly wiggling her way into the middle of them to try to interrupt their back-and-forth and help me bring the intensity down. On the walk, Zoey and Lou were our shade-seekers - Zoey to sniff around and Lou to lie down. Carl scoured the grass for any woody stems to be found. Rey followed up behind Zoey to see whatever she was sniffing.


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