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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers took her time on the trail while Sputnik forged ahead and Riley hiked on leash at my side. A couple other hikers chuckled at Ruffers poking along the trail behind the rest of us, taking her time to sniff at every other step. Sputnik headed straight for the water fountain when we came back down from the mountain, and drank an entire bowl full. Riley had a little as well, while Ruffers just stood by and waited.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Carl, Lou, and Rey all got their paws wet in some shallow water in Boulder Creek. Nobody lay down or splashed around at all, and they all returned to dry land pretty quickly. We didn't make many other stops along the way, and the dogs all walked in place and on pace. Rey was quick to lie down when we stopped for a photo in Central Park. Lou kept trying to creep up to me, and I kept directing her back among the others. Carl and Zoey sat patiently until we were ready to get moving again.

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