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Monday Pack Activities (5/15/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack headed toward Gregory Canyon from the Chautauqua this morning, but we changed course upon discovering that the Gregory Canyon Trail has been claimed by the overflowing creek that runs adjacent to it. Instead, we headed partway up the steeper Amphitheater Trail. Dylan impressed me with how well he handled the jumps up some of the steeper steps alongside his younger packmates. Bear again lunged toward a passing dog early in the hike, after we had pulled off to the side of the trail for Dylan and Lou to take care of some business. Avo jumped beside Bear as well, when she saw his reaction. The two of them stayed on leash with Lou for today, to practice better manners with the dogs we passed by. They both behaved themselves well for the rest of the hike. After coming down from the Amphitheater Trail and then back up on the Bluebell-Baird Trail, we made our way along the newly re-routed Ski Jump Trail for the first time, and discovered that it was a slick, muddy mess. Thankfully none of today's pack members have particularly absorbent coats, so they wiped off easily back at the packmobile.


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