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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua was very busy again today, as Riley, Dylan, Sputnik, and Ruffers enjoyed the trails. In addition to all the people, we also saw quite a few dogs - all on leash. The pack stayed on leash through the busiest areas, but Dylan and Ruffers spent some time off leash when we reached the Bluebell-Mesa Trail and Bluebell Road. Riley was very excitable this morning, and tried to dart toward a couple of the dogs we passed. We came across a pile of scat in the middle of the Bluebell-Mesa Trail, which had to have come from either a bear or a horse. It didn't have the fibrous look of typical horse manure. Whatever it was from, I watched Dylan and Ruffers closely as they followed behind me, Riley, and Sputnik, to make sure they didn't get too interested in it.

Variety Pack

Jen accompanied the pack this afternoon, since we had a very big group. Rucksack was wary of exiting the car at Martin Park, but he eventually relaxed enough to start walking, and did great after that. It was a nice excursion for the pack's eldest and earliest remaining member. His siblings Roger Roger and Mrs. Miggins also enjoyed their time out. Lou was happy to see Mrs. Miggins again after taking an interest in her last Friday. Avo and Rey started the walk pretty worked up after catching sight of a squirrel in a tree near where we parked, and then sidestepping a dog who barked at us on the sidewalk only to be barked at by another dog behind the fence of a yard that bordered the park. The rest of the pack navigated the distractions pretty well, but it was a little too much for Avo and Rey, and they acted out a bit. After all that excitement, the rest of the walk went fairly smoothly, and the afternoon was beautiful. Carl wanted to catch up to his big sis Zoey, who was walking ahead of us with Jen, Roger Roger, and Mrs. Miggins. We made a lot of stops, and Zoey, Lou, and Carl all left their marks at most of them.


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