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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Lizzo, Sputnik, and Ruffers had a good time at the Chautauqua this morning. Lizzo kept snatching tall, dried-up, broken chutes of plants that she found along the edge of the trail, and chewing them up into bits as we walked. Sputnik and Ruffers had no interest in Lizzo's destructive antics; they just hiked alongside me and stopped to sniff around here and there.

Variety Pack

The pack was pretty relaxed during our walk at the Goose Creek Path and Boulder Creek Path in Valmont, despite the chirping of many prairie dogs along the way. A lot of cyclists made friendly comments about the dogs as they passed by us. One said, "Now, that's a crew!" Another said, "You need one more!" And another, "There's a handful!" And some more, as well - all comments I've heard innumerable times over the years, but not typically all in such a short stretch of time. Carl, Rey, Zoey, Lizzo, and Lou took the comments and compliments in stride, as they also did with the running commentary from the prairie dogs.

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