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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We waited out the rain a bit, and set out when it was dwindling, so the pack stayed mostly dry during our hike this morning. The trails were all but empty. Ruffers brought up the rear, as usual. Riley wanted to stop and sniff around countless times along the way, and Sanni was happy to join her. Sputnik stayed pretty much at my side even while he was off leash, and he stared at me expectantly - willing me to offer him water - while the others did their sniffing. I obliged. Sanni and Riley would often adjourn their investigations to come get a drink after Sputnik, while Ruffers was too busy poking around.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Lou, and Rey headed to Wonderland Lake from Foothills Park this afternoon. The trail was slightly better-traveled than the Chautauqua was this morning, but still pretty empty. In addition the a handful of people and a few other dogs, we did encounter one rabbit on out way back toward Foothills Park. Rey made a move for it when it darted away, just as we came near it, and she was the only one to react. Lou kept her distance more than usual when I stopped to take photos - she still watched me closely while wiggling, but she didn't try to climb onto me or prostrate herself at my feet. Carl and Zoey were much more interested in the scents in the tall grass than in attention from me, and Rey stared off into the distance as she often does when we are out in open space.


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