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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers lagged behind early in the hike, as usual, while Sputnik followed close behind me. The parking lot at the Chautauqua was pretty full, but we didn't see all that many hikers on the trail. We came across one playful pup with whom Ruffers had some fun hopping and dodging. The pup was on a long leash, so he could play a bit but his range was limited. Once we reached the rocky slope of the Flatiron Loop, Sputnik slowed down to pick his way over the boulders, while Ruffers caught up and even forged the way for a bit. We came upon a rock climber at the base of the big rock face on the Flatiron Loop, who was happy to give Sputnik some love when he trotted over to him.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Rey, and Lou hopped out of the back of the new packmobile at Martin Park, to set out on our afternoon walk along the Bear Creek Greenway. The walk was pretty quiet, with few others on the path. We made several stops along the way, but the pack skipped over the usual place next to the basketball courts. As we reached the end of our walk, Rey became pretty interested in one dog barking from a yard adjacent to the park.

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