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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Racer had a fun time on the trails at the Chautauqua. Ruffers brought up the rear, while Racer and I forged ahead on the way to the Mesa Trail. We didn't encounter many other hikers today, despite the warm, inviting weather. It was a very pleasant morning.

Variety Pack

The dogs all found different spots they wanted to sniff along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Lou was interested in the little hill as we approached the small bridge in front of the library. Zoey made sure we stopped at her favorite big tree on the south side of the creek, a little further down from the library. Rey was very curious about the field across from the Kids' Fishing Pond, where geese had been hanging out. Carl poked around in the leaves beside the path on our way back, chewing up twigs he found hidden among them.

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